History Comes Alive

Our Living History events offer an interactive visitor experience. We can show separate military and civilian areas, demonstrating activities associated with the army and their followers. These can include food preparation in the kitchen (plain fare for the soldiers and finer fare for the officers and gentry), an officers' headquarters, a blacksmith with a working forge, an armourer making and repairing armour, a laundry or a barber-surgeon displaying the tools and techniques of his trade.

Visitors are encouraged to wander throughout the living history site, and to talk to the re-enactors, to discover the types of food that would be eaten, to try on a pikeman's armour or handle a matchlock musket. Our members are very knowledgeable and are always happy to answer any questions.

And we don't only portray purely military life. Seventeenth century civilian and domestic life are also very important aspects of our re-enactments. If the location allows, we can populate an entire house for an event, bringing it to life with a range of everyday domestic activities and objects commonplace in the mid seventeenth century. We can recreate the household of a wealthy landowner, or perhaps a successful merchant, complete with retinue of servants and household staff. An elaborate meal can be served, the gentlemen can discuss business and politics and the ladies can demonstrate their skills in music and needlework.