Battle Re-enactment

Battles, or major musters as we prefer to call them, provide an opportunity for the entire membership of the Society to participate in presenting a spectacle with hundreds of foot soldiers on each side, fully supported by cavalry, artillery and camp followers. Skirmishes are smaller displays that typically concentrate on of the role of the foot soldiers in the civil war. Battles and skirmishes can be used to illustrate the story of historical engagements, perhaps on, or close to the original sites, or to demonstrate the military tactics of seventeenth century warfare in a typical, but otherwise fictional, encounter.
Our membership is nationwide so these events give an opportunity for meeting many old friends and socialising with like-minded people in a friendly atmosphere far removed from 21st century cares.

If there are constraints on space and time, a skirmish can be an excellent option to enhance your event. Skirmishes are smaller displays that typically concentrate on of the role of the foot soldiers in the civil war, although they can include two or three mounted troops and small cannons.
A fully scripted skirmish between two similarly sized infantry units can be staged (depending on the terrain and space available), showing the drama and excitement of conflict during the period. This can form a spectacular finale to an event, or be part of an overall scenario. A 'Living History' encampment and drill displays can also be included as a feature at these popular events.